Because learning to fly is something you’ve always wanted to do.

 Horizon Aviation can guide you through your flight training from the first lesson all the way to the day you can say “I am a pilot.” Our three locations in the Providence & Boston metro areas provide you with everything you need to become an FAA licensed Private Pilot and beyond. 

Basic RGB
  • For the pure fun of it: Many of our students fly to relax and explore their local area. 

  • To save time: Your time is valuable. Why drive when you can fly? Flying can get you to your next meeting, or your vacation destination faster and on your schedule. 

  • For a career: Every professional pilot started with a first lesson. Our graduates have gone on to fly for major airlines, the military, and many corporate aviation departments.

Student Profile: Nyron

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The Latest

When most people think of a small airplane, they think of a Cessna. More pilots have earned their wings in a Cessna aircraft than any other type. As an official Cessna Pilot Center, the Horizon Aviation fleet features 20 Cessna airplanes designed to meet every need of your flight training. We work directly with Cessna to create the best training material available, and provide the most thorough training possible.

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